How to Stop Worrying: Tips from a Mindset Manifestation Coach

Updated: Aug 29

5 Ways to Stop Worrying or Worry Less

How to Stop Worrying Everyday

Worrying is a natural part of life. It is normal to worry about a few things here and there. The problem lies when we worry too much or too often. This is called chronic worrying. It can consume our life.

Using NLP (neurolinguistic programming), can show us that by developing a positive attitude to life and its possibilities, instead of dwelling on problems.

Worrying about failure keeps you focused on the negative aspects of past experiences.

Think of something you “failed” at and ask yourself:

< What am I aiming to achieve?

< What have I achieved so far? Look at how far you have come. An easy way to do this is, think back to 3 years ago. What were you doing? Do you now have what you were wishing for then?

< What feedback have I had? Let's look at feedback objectively. Feedback can be great because it will show us things that we can not see ourselves. Sometimes when we are so engrossed with our life, it is hard to see how you are coming across. How others perceive you. And not to say that you want to be a people pleaser by any means but…. Life is about communication. And feedback is a good way to see if your intentions are coming through.

< What lessons have I learned?

< How can I put the lessons to positive use?

< How am I going to measure my success?

But what if your worrying isn’t about failure, But fear of the unknown?

The unknown can be both a scary and a beautiful place. When we don’t control everything, we can let go on that grasp of hanging on to every little detail of life. We can’t control the world around us, we can only control our reaction to it. What changes can you make today to change how you react to situations.

These tips can be used to stop worrying everyday or to worry less. I encourage you to try at least one of these today.

5 Tips on How to Stop Worrying

Tip #1 - Schedule worry time for the day

Tip #2 - Daily meditation

Tip #3 - Be aware of what you can and can't change

Tip #4 - Journal your worries

Tip #5 - Introduce an attitude for gratitude

Tip #1 - Schedule worry time for the day

I know this may sound like a horrible idea, but it has been shown to be quite useful. Carve out 20-30 min a day where you allow yourself to worry and go down rabbit holes. A study from Penn State University, "found that those who scheduled time to worry showed a significant decrease in anxiety in 2 to 4 weeks — plus they slept better." -Headspace

Tip #2 - Daily meditation

Introduce meditation to your daily routine. This has helped me exponentially in all aspects of my life. It is important to note that meditation brings awareness, calming, and clarity to your mind. Then we remember those feelings and are able to bring them into our everyday life. I have noticed that I am more patient with others, I am more quiet and I listen intently. I also notice that I give myself appropriate time to respond in communication.

"We gently note them, rather than reacting to them, and then let them go. When we take a step back and observe them in that way, we realize that our thoughts are temporary; that they don’t define us, and we are not our thoughts." -Headspace

Tip #3 - Be aware of what you can and can't change

If something is solvable and you are worried about it, the opportunity to rid yourself of the worry is present. Take calculated steps to change it. For example: If you are worried about almost getting diagnosed with diabetes. If you start to make the changes that are in your control, such as eat healthy and exercise, then it will no longer be a worry.

Tip #4 - Journal your worries

If we journal our worries and write all of them out, we get a chance to set them free. I have an entire blog on the benefits of writing in a journal. The journal that I recommend getting is found here on Amazon.

Tip #5 - Introduce an attitude for gratitude

Research has shown that if we introduce gratitude into our daily routine, we can be more optimistic and overall happier.

The challenge

You can start reaping the benefits of stopping the worry today. I challenge you to try all 5 of these ways to stop worrying. The journal I recommend is here. The Meditation App that I recommend is here. “You’ll never change your life, until you change something you do daily. The secret to your success is found in your daily routine.” John C Maxwell. I invite you to comment below which tip helped you the most.

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