How to Use Music to Relieve Stress and Shift Your Mindset

Updated: Aug 29

Image of woman listening to music and smiling. Says at the top of the image, Classical music increases concentration
Classical Music Increases Concentration

Different Music Throughout the Day

What kind of music do you listen to? Depending on what I am doing, I will listen to lofi music, nature and relaxation, pop, hip hop. For example, when I am sitting at my desk and writing blogs or doing research, I listen to lofi. If I am washing dishes or cleaning around the house, I listen to pop, if I am doing my hair and makeup getting ready to go out with my friends I listen to hip hop. If I go on a walk outside, I put on nature and relaxation music. I never truly knew the difference between why i would gravitate towards specific genres at specific occasions.

How Classical Music Increases Concentration

So I decided to dig deeper and I did some research. Why do we reach for lofi music while working or studying? Why do we listen to pop music when we want to sing, dance, and let loose? There was a study done by Dr. Mohiuddin, in this study, "...playing baroque classical music while radiologists worked long hours." What he found out was so interesting. “The productivity of the radiologists improved. The amount of radiology slides they got through in the reading room increased. They reported greater accuracy in their work and their work satisfaction also went up. But not only that. Dr Mohiuddin had them do some tests before and after the trial and found that listening to Baroque music was associated with increasing their spatial reasoning, attentiveness and concentration.“

According to Brittanica, baroque music is, "a style of music that prevailed during the period from about 1600 to about 1750, known for its grandiose, dramatic, and energetic spirit but also for its stylistic diversity." With composers such as Mozart, Bach, and Vivaldi.

So I started thinking about how we could apply this to our own life.

I have 4 tips for you to use music to impact your life. You could try one of these today.

Tip #1: Diversify the types of songs you listen to

Tip #2 - Vary the rhythm

Tip #3 -Trust your intuition and if the music isn’t making you feel good, turn it off

Tip #4 - Vary between instrumentals and vocals

Tip #1- Diversify the types of songs you listen to.

Listen to an array of genres such as, classical, blues, reggae, pop, hip hop, country, and meditation.

Tip #2 - Vary the rhythm

Choose familiar and unfamiliar songs. World music is a great option because it will expose you to many different rhythms and beats of music.

Tip #3 -Trust your intuition and if the music isn’t making you feel good, turn it off

"Pay attention to how you react to different forms of music, and pick the kind that works for you. What helps one person concentrate might be distracting to someone else, and what helps one person unwind might make another person jumpy."

-Johns Hopkins Medicine

Tip #4 - Vary between instrumentals and vocals

Uplifting music and inspiring podcasts are great. Words can be distracting when you are trying to concentrate or relax. Listen to my podcast, "If I don't laugh, I'll Cry" for inspiration, transformation, spirituality, and entrepreneurship. Listen to "Ep. 10, How to use Music to Relieve Stress and Shift Mindset" here.

A Playlist for Manifestation and to Relieve Stress

Listen now to this playlist that I have curated. It is called Manifestation Mindset on Spotify. This has music from Mozart, relaxation, meditation, and affirmations. Listen to this when you want to relax, relieve stress, boost your mood, or shift your mindset. Adding tools to your tool belt with accelerate your progression in growing everyday.

Remember 1% improvement everyday is truly significant after 3 months. Enjoy.