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Leave your job and go from Passion to Profit

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Ava is smiling and sitting outdoors with greenery behind her. Mac book air is in her lap.

Christina Johnson

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This is the Academy I desperately needed when I wanted to quit my dental hygiene job. I didn't see it anywhere online so I decided to create my own.

For dental hygienists by a dental hygienist. 

❌ No more thinking about leaving your job and not knowing what to do.

❌ No more self-doubt about being successful in something other than dental.

❌No more thinking that you could never do something like this.

✅ Just the fact that you are seeing this, means that you were attracted to and aligned with Ditch Your Dead End Dental Job.

✅ Break off the golden handcuffs to your job.

✅ The best time to start was yesterday, the next best time is TODAY.

In the Academy you will

Break Through Barriers

Unlearn old beliefs and create new empowering beliefs for your new life. You deserve to live a full life and not work in an office unhappy for the rest of your life.

Master Manifesting

Manifest anything that is in alignment. Where attention goes, energy flows. Using the laws of the universe and backed by neuroscience.

Business like a Boss

Discover, Develop, and Create the business that is right for you. Share your gifts with the world and get paid for it. Move from Passion to Profit.  This is how you ditch your dental job.

What You Get

Join us for a three-month program that offers a deep and immersive experience.


You'll learn valuable tools to reprogram your subconscious mind, enabling you to achieve your wildest dreams, leave your job and attract more wealth into your life than ever before through entrepreneurship.

Through this program, we'll help you overcome self-doubt and cultivate greater confidence and freedom, allowing you to fully embrace abundance and live life to the fullest.


You already possess all the necessary inner resources to achieve financial freedom and experience the joys of an abundant life while ditching your dead-end job.

Ava sitting in her office at her desk speaking in a zoom coaching call.

Become the artist to paint the masterpiece of your own life. As a Registered Dental Hygienist and Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner, Christina will be guiding you through what is actually possible.

This Academy will guide you on how to share your gifts with the world. You get paid to wake up every day doing work you love on your terms. You know in your heart you were born for this journey. The best time to start was yesterday, the second best time is NOW.

Ava standing in front of a giant black and white chess board

I want to join

Ditch Your Dead End Dental Job logo in black and white.
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